Cyber Executives

Hiring the right cybersecurity executives requires a thorough understanding of the organizational environment, as well as considerations of the responsibility and mandate, they are given in their managing role. Cybersecurity leaders are not only key to defining cybersecurity strategies but key figures in companies’ ability to attract and retain talents and develop teams.

To increase the potential of a successful hiring, it is important to ensure fundamental considerations have been done, making sure management is engaged actively in the process. Is the role of responsibility clearly outlined? What is the current (IT) maturity level of the organisation? Consider the external and internal factors for cyber security. Are most outsourced or? Does the role require a technical or strategic skillset?

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Camilla Treschow Schrøder

Camilla has more than 20 years of experience working with Tech recruitment, since 2018 with an exclusive focus on cybersecurity. Camilla is founder and instructor on the new Cyber Information Security Leader (CISL) education and is active in public discussions about the role of cybersecurity executives and the market gap for talents.


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